Application Uptrends pour Windows Phone

Appréciez l'accès constant à toutes vos données de surveillance de performance de site web et de serveur incluant la disponibilité, les erreurs et le temps de chargement.

Soyez maître de vos données de surveillance de site web,
avec des notifications push pratiques.

Tout est prêt sur votre Windows Phone.
Website Uptime overview

Obtenez instantanément une vue d'ensemble du statut de surveillance de vos sites et serveurs ainsi que des erreurs.

Website Uptime overview

Le graphique de temps de chargement vous aidera à analyser les performances actuelles de votre site web


L'application Windows Phone app vous permet de vérifier rapidement le statut de tous vos sites et serveurs, partout, tout le temps. lets you quickly check the status of all your websites and servers anywhere, anytime. If you have many monitors in your account, you can easily search for a specific monitor.

Monitor overview

Simply click on a monitor to inspect vital performance metrics, including its current status, total errors, uptime and load time of the past 24 hours. Click on the Edit button to edit the monitor's main properties, or disable the monitor and corresponding alerts.

Load time

Detect slow page-load times quickly: the load time overview shows average total time and average resolve time for the time period you choose. You can switch from a detailed hourly view to multiple days or a monthly view.

Monitor uptime

View the average uptime of a URL, transaction or server in a detailed graph during a specific time period

Manage settings

You can easily disable monitors or alerts from within a monitor's detail screen. The Windows Phone app's settings section lets you change the notification settings, set the group filter or add a monitor.

Push notifications

Receive instant alerts on your Windows phone 7 phone via push notifications to be notified of any downtime or performance issue.

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Under 1 MB

Current Version

Requires Windows Phone

7.5 and 8